Video thanking Hungarian key workers doesn’t show pandemic staged

December 3, 2021

What was claimed

One article suggests that video footage of a film crew filming people dressed in hazmat suits is proof that the pandemic is being staged by the media.

Our verdict

The footage was almost certainly taken of a film crew recording part of an advertisement in which the Hungarian Prime Minister thanks key workers.

A video showing a film crew filming several people in hazmat suits pushing a cart with the caption “Caught in the act – light, camera, action!” 🎬 The Media is the V! Rus wake people up 🤣 has over 5,000 views on Facebook. The caption seems to suggest that the video shows aspects of the pandemic being portrayed by the media.

The 32-second video, which appears to have been filmed from a window overlooking the top, shows several members of the film crew following people in protective gear walking quickly down the street, before they turn around and return to where they started with less urgency.

The video does not appear to have been shot in the UK as the visible emergency vehicle does not have the correct design. It does look like a Hungarian ambulance, however.

As Serbian fact-checker KRIK also pointed out, the video appears to closely match a clip of footage from a promotional video posted by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Facebook page.

The video, titled “Thank you” in Hungarian, shows footage from various emergency service workers. About 23 seconds after the video begins, there is a short clip of three people in protective gear with a cart on a sidewalk. While only a small portion of the background is visible, the doors and bushes they pass through appear to match what the Facebook video we’re checking out shows, from a different perspective.

Here is a screenshot of the Facebook video:

And here’s an excerpt from the promotional clip:

So while the footage was filmed for promotional purposes and was likely made with actors rather than actual medical workers, it was a video to thank first responders, not to prove that the media is putting it down. stage the pandemic, as the Facebook post indicates.

This article is part of our job checking for potentially bogus Facebook images, videos, and stories. You can read more about it and find out how to report Facebook content here. For the purposes of this program, we have categorized this claim as missing context, as the video shows the filming of a promotional video thanking rescuers.