Watch: Hyeri can’t hold back tears on her last day of filming “My Roommate is a Gumiho”

Hyeri uploaded a behind-the-scenes look at her final day of filming for tvN’s “My Roomate Is a Gumiho”!

My roommate is a Gumiho” played Jang Ki Yong and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri in romantic comedy about 999-year-old man gumiho who ends up living with a 22-year-old student after swallowing the magic pearl that would have made him human.

In the vlog Hyeri posted to her YouTube channel, she gives viewers a glimpse into her hectic final day of filming. Starting with an audio recording, the camera focuses on her hands which are clenched despite only her voice being recorded. She then launches into a song about the fact that this is her last recording, before suddenly getting up and leaving to change her outfit.

While in the dressing room, Hyeri prepares to taste the macaroons sent to her by Oh Hyun Jong, the director of his drama “Two cops. However, as soon as she takes a bite, she is called in for the shoot, and she turns the camera disgruntled. She continues her playful antics on set, showing pictures of her dog Hodu and talking about their resemblance. .

As she prepares for her kiss scene with Jang Ki Yong, she proudly declares, “My head is really round, isn’t it?” Jang Ki Yong checks the back of her head to compare their shapes, which makes her laugh. Hyeri then prepares for her final scene, trying to hold back tears. When Jang Ki Yong hears the news, he comes to console her while joking about his aqueduct.

After completing the shoot, Hyeri is then gifted with several bouquets of flowers. She jokes, “Don’t I look like the main character? I have three ”, which makes those around him laugh. Just when she was trying to say that she did a good job of keeping herself up, she has tears in her eyes again, enduring more teasing from the staff who reminded her that she said she was wouldn’t cry.

Hyeri does everything with tears in her eyes, including taking photos with the staff. She bursts into tears again after seeing Kim do wan and Jang Ki Yong, but ends up laughing at his own reaction.

Hyeri then enters a surprise party prepared for her by her beauty salon staff and manager, expressing her curiosity for the large box in the middle of the room. She opens it to find a new purse, bursting into tears again before handing out her own gifts to the staff.

Then, she goes out to find a mysterious tent in the parking lot and opens it to reveal the interior decorated with lights and a festive cake. Sitting down and holding the cake, Hyeri tearfully said to the camera, “Thank you very much to the staff who have worked so hard over the past six months. It was so difficult for me too. I hope this drama will be good. Thank you viewers for giving us so much love. It’s an unforgettable drama for me so keep it in your memories and show it a lot of love. Thank you.”

Finally, Hyeri plays the game by lying down inside the tent and letting the staff close the door, ending with a final “thank you” while greeting the camera.

Watch the video with English subtitles below!

Watch Hyeri in “My Roommate is a Gumiho” below:

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