Who David Boreanaz almost played in the 2002 movie Resident Evil

David Boreanaz was heavily considered for a starring role in the video game adaptation Resident Evil but had to turn it down; here is who he almost played.

Here’s who David Boreanaz almost played in the 2002s resident Evil movie, and why it didn’t happen. Before Paul WS Anderson signed to direct resident Evil, George A. Romero was the first attached filmmaker. Since Romero essentially invented the modern zombie with Night of the Living Deadit felt like the natural choice. Romero even wrote a relatively faithful adaptation of the first video game, which included many famous characters and creatures from the series, but he was ultimately fired by the producers.

from Anderson resident Evil was originally intended as a prequel to the original game, which would explain how the t-Virus leaked into the Spencer Mansion. That’s why he created a new cast of characters, led by Milla Jovovich’s Alice – who didn’t appear in the games. The film was a respectable success, but the resident Evil the movie franchise would get better and better. The Jovovich Era is currently the most successful film series based on a video game, and all six films grossed over 1.2. billion in the world.


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Alice de Jovovich became the undisputed leader of the resident Evil movie franchise, although it almost didn’t work out that way. While she was cast before Michelle Rodriguez – who played the Umbrella Rain Commando – the role of Alice was later reduced in a script rewrite to put Rodriguez’s character in the center of attention. Jovovich was not happy with this, and the role of Alice was then strengthened again. angel Star David Boreanaz was also up for a role during pre-production and was slated to play male lead Matt Addison.

In the resident Evil film, Matt is an activist who seeks to take down Umbrella and poses as a Raccoon City police officer to gain access to the Hive underground laboratory. Matt is essentially the third leader behind Alice and Rain, and while David Boreanaz was heavily linked with Resident EviThere he later died. According to Upcoming attractions (Going through Countdown), his filming program for angel did not allow him to accept the film, although he would always have considered a smaller role.

Boreanaz did not mention what his role was, although it could have been “One”, the commando unit leader who is infamous during the laser corridor scene. If he had appeared, David Boreanaz would have been a notable name in the original resident Evil, and “One” is meant to be a major character, so this death may have been even more shocking. Colin Salmon ultimately played “One”, while actor Eric Mabius played Matt. What’s interesting to note about Matt is that the character is infected in resident Evil finale and begins to transform into Nemesis from the video game series, so if Boreanaz had accepted the role, he might also have played the monster in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

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