Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Proceed to Produce ‘Bad Boys 4’ | VIDEO

* As you know some time ago Will Smith made headlines for assaulting Chris Rock, an incident that caused the shutdown of the “Bad Boys 4” production. However, Martin Lawrence confirmed that work for the film has restarted and fans shouldn’t worry.

It was a sad moment as the entire film industry moved away from ‘King Richard’ star Will Smith. Lawrence reassured fans that he and Smith are lifelong “Bad Boys.”

Laurent had an interview with Ebony, during which he touched on all things related to his professional relationship with Smith. When asked if he would still work with the icon after the slap incident, Lawrence hinted that he had no intention of calling off their partnership and walking away from his friend.

He hinted that they would still be working together on the fourth season of the “Bad Boys” movie, a franchise that has received immense support from fans.

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Martin Lawrence further showed his empathy for Will Smith during the interview when he discussed renowned actor and comedy legend Eddie Murphy. He said the latter saved his career via a revival role in 1999, in a comedy called “Life”. Lawrence was going through a tumultuous phase in his life that saw the entire industry drift away from him. He further explained how difficult it was for him, but Eddie has always kept the role exclusively for him – he loves and appreciates him for his bold decision to date.

In another instance, Lawrence received incredible love for his iconic sitcom, after airing the show reunion special on BET. He recently spoke about relaunch abandoned projects for a film by Shenehneh and Wanda. The comedian and actor told Jimmy Fallon last month that if he ever had the chance to work with Jamie Foxx, the outcome would be amazing and adorable.

Lawrence is also expected to receive his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame later this year.