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A former pole dance school in the heart of Wollongong has adopted a new identity as a creative hub, in the hope that “art can infiltrate the streets,” according to its founders. Tucked away in an alleyway on Keira Street, 130 Art Studios is an exhibition and educational space, it houses a number of spaces for professional and emerging artists, as well as a variety of tools to become a space. of common creation (so that everyone can play with their creative side if they become members). Read more: Sesame Street Circus brings marquee to Shellharbour “We have reinvented space,” said co-founder Orlando Norrish of the former Princess MeMe site. “A lot of times visual artists are in those pretty hidden factories, warehouses and industrial units where no one knows where they are.” One of the perks of this location [on Keira Street] is it so central and so visible and we can really showcase our works. “Norrish called 130 a” blank canvas to support and encourage the arts in Wollongong “, with the ability to accommodate many creative ideas such that the organization of art house cinema evenings at the jewelry store In the meantime, the makerspace is equipped with saws, welders, tools, benches and a “community of like-minded people to share ideas Norrish said 2021 had been another “full” year and hoped the new Creative Center would foster positive creative energy for the New Year. Read more: LEGO fan from Illawarra brings his traveling show to Batemans Bay to kick off the state tour The vision was to welcome performers of all shapes and sizes instead of being like a secret society out of public sight, in an affordable environment to inspire them each other s and develop a community of artists. “We don’t want to create a secret club, we want to create a place where artists can come and show their work, talk about their work,” Norrish said. “Whether it’s music, poetry, painting or sculpture, or whatever, it’s something we want to support.” www.onethirty.art



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