Woman on mobility scooter filmed dragging dog

Watch: Woman on mobility scooter drags dog down road in shocking footage

WARNING: Disturbing Content

This is the shocking moment a woman on a mobility scooter horrified passers-by as she dragged a helpless dog along the road.

The clip shows the animal unable to stand as it is pulled down a street in Birmingham’s Erdington area.

A person filming footage of a nearby car yells at the woman, “You hurt your dog. The dog is going to die. You hit the curb.”

The woman was seen dragging the dog behind her mobility scooter. (SWNS)

The woman can be seen staring at the camera before apparently turning away muttering something inaudible and continuing down the road.

The clip caused widespread anger after it was shared by the Birmz Is Grime blog on Twitter with the caption: “Who is this person? This dog needs to be found and rescued.

People viewing the video described the woman’s actions as “absolutely disgusting”, while one person commented, “Why didn’t anyone stop her?”

Passers-by watched in horror as the dog was dragged along the road.  (SWNS)

Passers-by watched in horror as the dog was dragged along the road. (SWNS)

Another wrote: “Poor dog. Hope they find the lady behind the wheel and take the dog away from her.”

The current condition of the dog is unknown.

West Midlands Police confirmed they had received information about the video, but were unable to say whether an investigation was ongoing.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “This video is very shocking to watch. It has been brought to our attention and is currently being reviewed by our experienced agents. »

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the RSPCA hotline on 0300 1234 999.